About us

AgzasAgnese Zalcmane / Agzas (24). Agnese is a fantastic organizer – she has organized even excursions to the constellations, therefore it was no trouble for her to organize this little trip to a neighboring state ;) She is keen on stars, music and dancing, recently it has become unimaginable for her to spend a week without dancing. On the journey there is no need to worry about boredom or long pauses full of silence, because Agnese is a great conversational partner, with whom one can always engage in discussions about every topic and make both both CS-specific as well as popular-scientific jokes. Every timeframe is long enough for her to manage to carry out both big and small tasks, nothing remains undone… she lives by saying “everything has to be done in time, we will have plenty of time to sleep in the coffin”. You can rely on her, because she keeps her promises. Agnese is emotionally solid person, but even such people need some comforting over the time, in order to get up the following day and make inconceivably great things happen. Agnese is a true friend and an excellent companion.

zetinjaLiene Rieksta / Zetinja (22). Very active and self-dependent person. Participates in various astronomy-related activities, astronomy camps, she is a part time lecturer in Youth Astronomy Club. Currently working as a database administrator, she has a degree in computer administration (University of Latvia), afterwards she studied in computer science program in Riga Technical University, though didn’t like it. Now she plans to study computer science in University of Latvia again. Liene participates in many crazy activities, enjoys hiking, and agrees to sleep in tent (outdoors, of course) on New Year’s Eve. She likes cars, especially her first one – an old UAZ, which she calls “Bethy”. She is also preparing for her driving exam and wonders about Saab. Liene enjoys dancing, playing board games. She is the Latvian champion in the board game “Settlers of Catan” (2007). One of her friends calls her “a chick with a deviant thinking”. This is just a quick ‘preview’ of Liene, because the fullness of her character can be experienced only by exploring Liene’s achievements.

papuass Mārtiņš Bruņenieks / Papuass (24). A man not afraid of hard work. A fighter, who has achieved much, and has beaten many. He runs, jumps, catches and throws. Sometimes he stumbles, falls down, doesn’t catch and misses, but he always rises to try again. Fanatically loves Tervetes beer (that means he knows something about beers). He is an avid photographer, though sometimes forgets that he can talk to girls, not just view them through his camera lenses.

cu Pēteris Caune / cu (24) Student of Computer Science at Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in University of Latvia. Frequently blogs in his blog monkeyseemonkeydo.lv about his cycling experience and photo experiments. Geek and lifehacker. His interests involve “monkey stuff”, correcting other people grammar mistakes, Ubuntu Linux user and latvian translator.

tips Salvis Bēteris / tips (25) Plain, but ambitious. Probably will be the loudest member in the tour and for sure will set a speed record and do at least one burnout. An Oracle programmer by profession, excels in auto repairing with his knowledge and skills. Amateur racer, last year winner. Will please girls of the team during dark nights with his dancing abilities. Probably won’t dissapoint boys too, when will repair the broken UAZ on the roadside.

vika Viktorija Eksta / Vika (21) She will always think of something to do, something to explore, something to laugh about. She will always sing pop songs loud, eat snacks and watch TV programmes in Russian. She will spill tea on the kitchen table and kiss the ones she likes – be it a boy or a girl. She – Vika – is sometimes surprisingly, sometimes admirably, sometimes unbearably energetic buddy, who is difficult not to notice in any crowd. Just because she would rather get lost, without a clue of what is happening or where she ought to be…. but she will never get shy or confused, she will simply have things done her way ;) But most importantly – this person has truly a great sense of humor, out of the box view on life and open-mindness to everything around. Vika’s first get-in-touch with Kazakhstan was in the autumn, 2007, when while doing a mime performance at Riga Dome Square two boys put 1500 Kazakh tengs in her money box. She still keeps them in her piggy bank.